Dan Contarini, Campus Safety Coordinator

Dan Contarini

Dan Contarini, Campus Safety Coordinator, University of Missouri-St. Louis: "They really know their stuff."

As someone involved in campus law enforcement, the Clery Center for Security On Campus is an invaluable resource.

The Clery Act is complex and changing. If I have a question, I can always get the staff on the phone. They are professional and go the extra mile to provide the answers and information I need. The two-day Clery Act training they did here on campus helped make the Act understandable and easy to carry out. They really know their stuff.

I am also impressed with the staff’s level of commitment. They feel strongly about keeping students safe and are really dedicated to the ideas embedded in the Clery Act. I also appreciate that they advocate in Washington, D.C. for issues important to colleges and universities all over the Country.

I would encourage other campus law enforcement officers and individuals who work in campus safety to reach out to the organization.