We Don't Haze

Thank you for your interest in We Don't Haze! 

We hope you'll use it as a resource to educate your campus community on the dangers of hazing and how to build campus cultures of respect.

You can download the full film here:
NOTE: You will need to use the password below to access and download the film.

Password: hzwrong#12

Captioned (always on) version - download here:
Password: hzwrong#cc
(We recommend the HD 720p version - 274MB)

The supplemental resources are available for download below:

Program materials for working with high school students:

  • High School Hazing 101 Webinar
    >> This webinar helps viewers understand hazing, provides research on the nature and extent that hazing, and describes the role that educators and community members can play in hazing prevention.

If you have any questions about any of these resources, please contact the Clery Center at (484) 580-8754 or e-mail Abigail Boyer at aboyer@clerycenter.org.

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