Bundle- CSA Training/Responsible Employee Video

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You can purchase both the Clery Center's CSA Training Video and the Responsible Employee Training Video for $700.00.
Featuring the voices of students and professionals from campus safety, student affairs, and law enforcement, the Clery Center's Campus Security Authority (CSA) Training Video helps CSAs understand their role and responsibilities under the Clery Act. This short, 15-minute video covers the following training areas:
  • Introduction to the Jeanne Clery Act
  • Who is a CSA? 
  • Who is NOT a CSA? 
  • Listening, Documenting, & Reporting: Understanding Your Role & Responsibilities 
  • After Reporting: How Information Is Used Under the Clery Act 
Told through the lens of powerful personal narratives, this video will inspire and inform your campus's CSAs to understand the significance of their responsibilities and the important role they play.
Featuring the voices of sexual assault survivors and professionals from campus safety and student affairs, the Responsible Employee Training Video, created by the Clery Center for Security On Campus and the Victim Rights Law Center, helps responsible employees understand their role and responsibilities under Title IX. The short video will cover information such as:
  • Introduction to Title IX
  • What is a responsible employee?
  • What information must be shared with the Title IX coordinator?
  • How to respond to a report
Legal Disclaimer: By purchasing the Responsible Employee training video, individuals and institutions agree to and accept the Clery Center's terms and conditionsThese videos must be posted to a password-protected website (i.e. student/employee portal or intranet). The videos cannot be listed on a public section of an institutional website.
Have questions or need more information? Please refer to our CSA Training Video FAQs and our Responsible Employee Training Video FAQs or contact Christine Arnold, Director of Operations, at (484) 580-8754 or carnold@clerycenter.org.
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Price: $700.00